Thursday, June 22, 2006

15year old girl with huge balls

eww... thats wrong on several levels.... and not what I ment at all, get your head out of the gutter.
There's a girl with an impressive website, ive mentioned her before, who has no problems with going straight to the throat of this administration. and this a link to a link to her latest. Comin at ya straight outta C&L The title is "Their Lives Are More Than Just a Number" that pretty much sums it up. and yet some how we are the ones who dont support the troops?
Fuckin republicans, gotta give their press corp credit they can steer the media in any direction they want. It like those dog compititions, not the stupid show dog ones where someone feels up an overpriced mut in the middle of an arena, no Im talking about the sheep dog comps, where it has to lead a bunch of sheep around a course and then puts them into a pen, after which the sheep are shaved naked and then slaughtered and served for dinner. and thats where the only differences lie, the press corp only gets shaved and slaughtered if they ask the wrong question.

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