Thursday, June 22, 2006

We cause gobal warming?

and not only that but almost all scientists agree on this fact? but thats not what those ads partially sponsored by exxonmobile said. they told me that carbondioxide is necessary for life. so these scientists are trying to kill us right? we need to launch a preemtive attack against scientists. someone even told me that some have already infiltrated our country. and if magic glowing box tells me so then it must be true.

Damn, I write that as a joke but there probably are those who will fall in line. Come on even fox admits that we are the cause of global warming. fox allowing devil science

Im all for freedom, but your freedom ends where mine begins right? so your freedom to believe what you wants ends when it places otheres in risk of death. i think thats an acceptable argument. the old freedom of speech does not allow you to yell fire in a crowd to try to create a stampede. so your belief that we are not causing global warming is going to keep us from acting in an apropriate manner to the situation. this lack of action is going to kill people. possibly millions of people. and if inaction continues for much longer it is fully possible that it will kill billions of people and end civilization as we know it. therefore your belief that we are not the cause of global warming is illegal. (and you should go to jail for it, maybe guantanimo....)

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