Thursday, June 29, 2006

back to killing the mesenger

Spittle And Ink
yeah so now some tool is calling for the bombing of the New York Times. I started reading throught the comments on "pardon my english" website and as I was notincing that the Wall Street Journal was only mentioned once in all of the banter and my head started to hurt and apparently my computer felt the same as my web browser locked up at that point. so while I was going to call them out for not calling for the bombing of the conservative WSJ but it looks like that might not happen now. oh well it wouldnt have done any good. I was also going to ask if we should have killed bush on september 14th '01 when he said that this was the plan. but then again their isnt much point in proving their hypocracy, becuase they will somehow claim this is all part od the "liberal media bias" thats calling for the destruction of one of the few non-conservative newspapers. fuck em all, but where a condom you dont want to catch whatever disease turns you into a conservative.

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