Thursday, June 29, 2006


Common Dreams
I always find it interesting that whenever politicians propose legislation to help the environment or most issues that dont include killing people they give them a real long lead in. If its for war then its imediate, but saving life as we know it well lets hold off on that till 2010. or alternative energy/ energy independence thats something we should looking into imediatly and implement in 10 years. If it wasnt for half of our government being in the pockets of big oil then we could simply mandate, by january first 2008 all deisel fuel must be 20% bio-blend. I figure we need to give them a year so that they can get farms up and running. then up it to 30% for 09. All cars must be ethanol ready by model year 2008, so bsicly a year. And because Im a car guy there is also the fun part, you can crank up the compression if we're running on ethanol, so sports car could be making considerably more power.... hehe. instead we say were going to cut foriegn oil by 40% by 2020. 2020 what the fuck thats 3 presidents and the rest of bush's time from now. that can be overturned half a dozen times before it even comes into effect. And thats a Progressives plan!!! this is why we need change, the Conservatives should be saying 40% by 2020, the liberals should be saying we want foreign oil cut by 40% before bush leaves, and No foreign energy by 2020. thats a fuckin plan. And really the so called national security fascists should be the ones demanding an end to foriegn energy because clearly if we need to import our ablity to have an army (our army currently would be impotent without oil (and rush would be without viagra, srry )) then clearly it is a national security issue. It should also be a security issue that we have to buy our bullets from indonesia. but back to energy. the liberals love energy independence because it means energy other than oil. we would be forced to look into alternatives and thats how we will reduce global warming. If its not too late.

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