Monday, June 26, 2006

Disagreement on Global Warming

Think Progress; WSJ vs. Gore
There isnt any, at least not among people whos job it is to study the environment. But thats not what you would think if you read newspapers or watch TV. Theres constant attack against Al Gore in particular because of his movie (which of course didnt come to my po-dunk little town) and because he is right. Now if we lived in a land of rational tought then I would say fine let them attack the people arent stupid they will see through that bullshit. They know that hundred of scientist just got together to discuss global warming and there was obviously debate, because thats what grown-ups do. they might not agree perfectly so the have special conversations called debates where they work through their differences and often are able to come up with a comprimise. Thats a refresher for those who have watched presidential debates where two men talk about absolutely nothing in two minute stints, those are debates in the same way that a coors light compares to a Guinness, its all watered down and leaves sort of an ass flavor in your mouth. (if you dont like Guinness then pick your favorite beer, and if its coors light then get the fuck off my page) So im talking a very long time to say that there is almost no question within the scientific community about global warming. We are responsible, yes the world would probably be getting warmer even if people didnt exsist but not at nearly the same rate. We are speeding up this process dramaticly. We need change on a global scale or millions will die.

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