Monday, June 26, 2006

praise to the Rudeness

The Rude Pundit; a Plan thats not a plan in republican spinworld
with a health does of swearing Sir Rudes Alot manages to make the republicans look like the idiotic liars they really are. First pointing out that the non-binding resolution that the democrates got attacked for in the usual method of screaming cut and run, cut and run untill people just want to move on to the next scandal, was not much of a resolution. It asked to pull out a few troops and then have a very loose idea of how were going to get the rest out. And asked for congress to be notified about whats going on. So it didnt ask for much it was a pretty lame resolution. and they still got attacked, of course. So then a couple days later a general in Iraq asks for a very similar move to get troops out. Now obviously even the republicans arent stupid enough to critisize a general thats in Iraq. So they say well generals come up with ideas all the time this isnt really a plan calling for withdrawl its just sorta dinner conversation. its nothing really, just ignore it and go back to waiting for us the republicans to give you the plan for how were going to win the war, you know that plan that we said we were going to come up with before the war but were too busy talking to bill o'rielly. yeah well if you wait untill right before the november elections then we'll show you the almighty plan. and we'll probably pull out some troops to just to make those hippy commie liberal types quiet. they had their time to come up with a plan, they blew it lets givesomeone else a shot, i really dont care who at this point. We could go up the road to the prison and just start asigning inmates to posts as senators and they would probably not fuck it up any worse. most of the guys from the jails have probably stolen a lot less money than the people they would be replacing.

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