Friday, June 09, 2006

the Heinous crimes

Confined Space; what really matters
Thank you to Crooks and Liars for pointing this one out. its a Nice article.
The premise is simple which is a greater crime Killing employees by way of negligence or showing an almost exposed nipple for a quarter of a second? Well if you go based on the punishment for each crime then the nipple is almost 50% worse than killing people. And why shouldnt it be I mean think of those children who's lives were shattered by sorta getting a glimse of a not-as- well-covered-as-it-should-have-been breast. Think of the innocence lost because I know when I saw it I looked around the room and meet other suprised faces all trying to figure out if they really just saw what they thought they had. You can't get much more traumatic than that. Your going to try to compare that level of angst to a few men being killing in a mine, I mean I'm sure that some of them were fathers and their kids will probably miss them or something but its nothing like the pain of seeing a barely covered nipple for a fraction of a second, thats serious harm and thats why indeceny will get you $325,000 in fines as opposed to the $220,000 for mine safety violations.
Anyone who didnt pick up on the sarcasim should try chewing on lead shot for a few hours everyday it helps to stimulate the mind.

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