Friday, June 23, 2006

Highschool Inc.

Thomas Paines Corner
The fact that this even needs to be mentioned is a sign of the sad state that this nation is in. Do you really want to trust the education of our childern, the future of this nation to corporations? The simple fact of the matter is that corporations have but a single function, to make money. now there may be a few corporate schools which decide they will make money by being the best school possible and then more people will send their children there. thats pretty much the way the exsisting private schools work. but there will inevitably be those who say well we have a captive audience and im sure that people would pay good money to advertise to this audience. I bet we could make a lot of money doing that, and hey we'll also be pulling in money from the government which is going to have to foot the bill for my profit margin.

Of course there are problems with our schools, but if a school is failing you dont cut its funding. you send it more teachers and administrators. I ca only think of a few things which could be worse to privatize than schools. Dont get me wrong Im sure many of the traditional private schools offer excellent educations, but those cost as much as many colleges the vast vast majority of people in this country cannot afford such schools. do you really want your childs education to be determined by profitablity?

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