Friday, June 23, 2006

Holy Shit

Cheney admits that Iraq is a no-win situation. no matter what we do Iraq will be a safe haven for terrorists. I know its true, many of us have been screaming this for 4 years now, but its incredible to see the sith lord admitting it. Daily Kos, pickin' up me jaw

"And it will continue -- whether we complete the job or not in Iraq -- only
it'll get worse. Iraq will become a safe haven for terrorists. They'll use it in
order to launch attacks against our friends and allies in that part of the

-quote from CNN
So my question is this, if Iraq is going to be a safe haven, and already is a haven although I don't think Id call it safe by any stretch. Then why does it matter if we pull out? He said it himself whether we complete the job or not - it will only get worse. I guess Iraq become a haven no matter what and this is a global war. So his thought is that if we just keep killing people in Iraq then they wont attack anywhere else, right? Allow our troops to be killed rather than the possibility of another terrorist attack against the US. The only problem is that if 20 people decide that they are bored with shooting troops and they want to attack the great satan on its home turf, well now we far less able to defend our selves because our army is streched across the globe. And that is the problem with guerrilla warfare, and that's all that terrorism is. We have declared war so therefore they aren't terrorists they are guerilla fighters. They want to destroy US because we are perceived as a threat to their way of life. Hmm now doesn't that sound fermiliar from somewhere? And just to reiterate my point. Sure you can contain much of the violence by picking a front line far from home. But the whole point of guerrilla warfare is to ignore lines, their front line is strong so you attack at their rear where they aren't expecting it. Then you poke at their flanks sure you keep the fire on their front line but that's just so that you keep them right where you want them. If they are stationary and you are mobile then eventually you will wear them down. They have us set up perfectly. And before anyone gets angry about guerilla warfare remember that we won our independence from an militarily occupation by the exact same methods. Any time a nation is in the grasp of a far more powerful military force they resort to guerilla warfare its the only option. That is why our elite soldiers like the seals green berets and the rangers (their maybe more I'm not a military buff) all use guerilla tactics.
So if we stay then Iraq becomes a safe haven for terrorists and the majority of terrorist activity will take place over there but we will be less able to defend ourselves if they care to attack us here. Or we pull out and don't leave my friends as a diversion, and we probably risk more attacks, but we will be better able to stop those attacks. So its sorts six to one half-dozen to the other as far as attacks over here, but one plan includes using my friends as a human shield.....

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