Thursday, June 29, 2006

Shoot the Messenger

They leaked essential information about a project that bush told us about on september 14th 2001, but they leaked sensitive information to the terrorist agianst the wishes of the government who is supposed to have ultimate control over the media. I think we all know what Fox would have done with this information, yeah they would have burried it and then they'd attack a decorated war hero for being a coward. Cause thats how the media is supposed to work. do the bidding of whom ever is in power. thats how you earn respect. is it any wonder why the newspapers are losing readers? Well because the Wall Street Terrorists have leaked information I think the government should simply nationalize that paper. It would still run pretty much the same. all this leaked information has also been in a report to the UN several years ago, so I guess we have to destroy the UN too, well then again that was the plan anyway. Whats that the WSJ was never asked to censor this article? hmm... only the LA and NY times were told by the government to not run the story? well thats odd. but It doesnt matter they should go down, they should be tried for treason and sent before the fireing squad. I mean seriously dont they know that we're at... uh police action sorta undeclared but approved warish quagmire here??? I mean seriously do they want the other enemys ideas to beat our ideas??

Just to clarify this was sarcasim.
heres a better writen article from Huff Po
Huff: Eat the Press
theres so many reasons why this is just stupid that I feel silly even having to point them out. First off theres that constitution thing that we have, I know we stopped paying attention to it but technically its still here and it is the presidents job to uphold it. yeah remeber that the presidents first priority is to uphold the constitution, security and everything else comes after. Then there is the fact that this wasnt a secret hell Bush told us that he was going to be tracking the funds of terrorists almost 5 years ago, and its been reported in other places. All that has happened is that the media that still does investigation, so the Times, said you know what this is something that the public should know about because its infringing on their rights. there is also the fact that these people who try to claim that this isnt political need a bat to the face, if this isnt political then why is it that the only paper of the three that the republicans are mad at is the same paper that has consistently been on the offensive against this republican administrations illegal actions. the wall street journal which ran almost the same article on the same day is catching no flack at all, and before anyone asks why the democrats dont go after the WSJ, well you havent been reading very carefully, they did nothing wrong. actually they were doing their jobs, they did th american people a service. Not to mention that their are more important things for our elected leaders to be doing than attacking a newspaper. And finally the most critical part for me. If someone in the government gives me classified information I am going to read it and I will imediatly make copies and send them to the Times, the ACLU, and a few of my favorite liberal blogs like Crooks and Liars, buzzflash, DailyKos and of course Id publish them here too. And would I be in the wrong? I dont think so but I could be wrong. My point is simply that I have never signed a confidentiality notice to the government, I have never pledged that I would not disclose national secrets. The person to blame is the leaker not the messenger, and the leaker might be protected by wistleblowers because Im under the impression that this program isnt entirely legal. So if you hear anyone mention that the Times should be tried for treason, well my recomendation would include a ballgag, a tazer super glue and some imagination.....

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