Friday, June 16, 2006

This changes directions hard.

havent posted since tuesday, srry.
Lets start of with this one.

.Joe Lieberman You know your in trouble when your a Democrat and Bill O'Reilly is supporting you. Thats pretty much instant DINO (Dem In Name Only) status there. I do like the fact that Bill is making it sound like the Blogsphere is this massively powerful and wealthy machine that is simply going to steamroll over anyone who opposes us. How are my dreams coming out of O'Reilly's mouth? Of course he calls us the far left fringe after half-ass deffending Ann Coulter. thats all I will say about that we do not speak of. because as it has been pointed out if we simply ignore her then we marginalize her. if we keep making a big deal then she will keep getting on talk shows and writing hate books. Its like Marilyn Manson, He wasnt a great musician but he was a amazing at marketing. He knew that theres an audience for music simply to piss off people. So thats what he did he made rather offensive music along with highly offensive concerts and the right wing freaked out they had boycotts and protests and every time they bitched about him he sold a few more albums. some kid heard his parents saying how he was pure evil and the kid said, "really? I gotta check this out" next day he asked his mom for 20 bucks to go buy a Creed CD and then bought the newest Manson album. Mom come how and hears "the beautiful people" blasting from the kids room. ah the irony. Then after a few years they just automaticly slapped an advisory sticker on his albums people got used to him and pretty soon no one was talking about him, album sales dropped and now when was the last time you heard about him?
So seeing as AC is basicly the literary version of Manson we need to follow this advice. I know its hard to ignore a "person" that vile but if we do then she will become nothing. This is the last time Ill ever mention Those we do not speak of... (oh and I realized that needs to be plural cause this applys to both AC and that other little wannabe AC name starts with an M I think, and any others like them)

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