Friday, July 07, 2006

damnit damnit damnit

Ever order a few books online, making sure to buy slightly older current events books to save a couple bucks because your broke, paperbacks usually, making sure that you get just over the 25 dollar limit so you get free shipping. Only to realise that there was a book you had forgotten about that you probably would have picked over some of the ones you just payed for. well I just did that and its annoying., do I buy three more books, do I just buy the one and get shafted on shipping? these are the big delemmas in life. and the book in question is none other than the Gospel of the Flying Spagetti Monster. I know I know I claim to be an atheist but this is a religion I might be able to get into. I could become a Pastafarian. Garr.... And being a Gospel it will always be relevent so timeliness is not that critical, I just dont want to forget about it again.

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