Friday, July 07, 2006

Sucks To Be You! award... ?

Texas Republicans! you've had a lot of fun getting al riled up about them mexicans coming in, got to go sit in the lawn chair with a radio and a rifle without having people think you were weird. then again in texas that might have always been a respected hobby. But now your disgraced senator who has become the symbol of corruption in our government is now forced to run for office again. The Repubs agree that they would have prefered someone else run because for some reason they dont think that the epitomy of all that is wrong with our government has a very good chance of winning. So the Dems might have just been handed a lucky break in the battle to win back the majority. Then again it is texas so Delay might be ok if he just screams damn mexicans at every chance he gets.

Ok if your from texas, then sorry took a couple of cheap shots in that one. At the same time I know that when I came back from texas after spending a couple weeks there one hot ass summer I simply remember thinking, Texas is an alright place, as long as your not mexican. But I wasnt there long enought to really understand the.... culture? I do remember the Liquor and Guns store, that was cool, oh and the drive through liquer store where they asked if you wanted your bottle of wine opened for you.

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