Thursday, July 06, 2006

Fuck Chuck

Buzzflash: Schumer
Chuck Schumer has stated that he intends to support Leibermann even if he runs independent.... WTF? I dont even like our two party system and this still seems like some bullshit. And Chuck listen up because I am from New York and I do vote, but not for you. Although at this rate whats a vote? Im white so my name probably wont just randomly vanish from the voting records, and I'm no where near Kathrine Harris so I should be ok. Ive never been convicted of a felony so I can still vote. But if I vote in the primary and the person I vote for wins I want them to win. but according to Chuck the Democrats can support who ever the fuck they want. Ok so the primary is now nullified at least we can still vote between the two people that the government has decided whould be the best to choose from. So head on down and cast your ballot on a Diebold voting machine which may or may not have been tampered with and choose between the two selected canidates. cause thats what we call De mock racy. Oh and fuck you chuck you just lost my vote, oh yeah and Im now registered as a Dem so I can vote against you twice.

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