Thursday, July 06, 2006

North Korea, testing the waters

with a long range missile.
In case you live in a cave.. but still have internet, I'm lookin at you Osama. heres an article on the tests.
Voice of America; N. Korea missile tests
See this is when the ablity to negotiate would come in handy. We have no crediblity in the world view anymore. No one trusts us, and they are not so afraid of us after seeing that we do not even have the military to control Iraq. China is now stepping in and taking over what was once our job. international judge and jury, and occational executioner. China in a twist that shows how far we have sank is now seen as a more fitting negotiator than the US, then again who would we send to talk to them? Cheney yeah right, Rumsfeld he'd start plotting how to attack South Korea, Conti has lost crediblity so has Colon to a slightly lesser extent. Bolton thats as scary as Cheney. The Big Guns, would we send bush? well at least we wouldnt have to worry about him starting a war, I mean North Korea may be a legitimate security threat in the near future, but they dont have any oil.

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