Monday, July 17, 2006


not much time this morinin but had a few things I wanted to put up

Yahoo News no cease fire
Bush says that Israel has the right to defend themselves and therefore can attack who ever they want. apparently Israel has the same protocol as bush when comes to defence. defence = kill muslims

Common Dreams: school study
so private schools arent much better, altough lutheran schools are, and consevative christian schools do worse in math. Now imagine if they had been testing them on science. ha. well god created the earth, thats earth science. god created the stars thats all you need to know about astronomy. and there is an ongoing test to see the effectiveness of charter schools. which could be interesting.

BBC news
Bush was caught speaking candidly, and he used a curse word. ooooo. big fuckin deal the disconcerning part is the non-four letter words. His buddies in Israel are bombarding their neighbor and he says that the solution is for syria to stop their shit.

We're Fucked

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