Friday, July 07, 2006

Venezuela and Chavez

Common Dreams: Go to Venezuela, You idiot
Great article from a guy who was bashed by wingers (As in right-wing not Kip Winger) for being an un-american terrorist commie because he thought that the democraticly elected president of Venezeula was doing a good job. Sure he isnt perfect obviously there are still a lot of problems for the country but they, unlike us, are heading in the right direction. Chavez is trying to use the countries natural resources (oil) for the good of the people instead of just the few people who own the gas companies. And he supports something that Ive been doing for almost a year now, trying to buy my gas from Citgo. Its a minor thing, but id rather send a couple bucks down to Venezuela rather than the middle east. people tell me that my personal boycotts or Buy-cott in this case is silly because Im just one guy and it doesnt matter, to which I tell them yeah not buying from Wal-mart or mobile isnt going to close them down, but Im not going to support them either. I earn my money and Im going to spend it in the way the best fits my social and political beliefs.

So back to Chavez why is the right wing so afraid of him? Is it just because hes one of the harshest international critics of Bush? Because if your going to get that upset about every person who points out how horrible a president and a person that bush is your going to get exhausted in a hurry. It just scares the shit out of me that there are still people who like him. I mean seriously how? why? what the fuck has he accomplished? he can hang a banner that says mission accomplished, or can have his people talk to other people who thought a banner was a good idea who then tell other people to deligate out athority as to who should hang the banner. I really would love to have a civilized conversation with a bush supporter, but this almost never works out. The only person I knew who did like bush has finally come around, albeit for all the worse possible reasons. Hes not mad that the "war" is a disaster and that our friend is being sent over again (hes pretty far from danger really, but id rather have him here), nah its not that the economy is shit and he was unemployed for 6 months, nah, did he come to loath or at least question bush when he was caught illegally tapping phones and bank accounts, nope thats a problem for the terrorists, but all media should be banned except fox, nah hes just mad cause he didnt do enough to push "good christian morals" onto the people. Good morals in this case being, inequality for gays, stripping reproductive rights from women, killing innocent people anywhere in the world for some reason or other. But my point is that now that he doesnt support bush we can have civilized conversations although for some reason we always try to have those talks while getting quite drunk... And so for the folks who still support bush, I would seriously like to have a conversation about why. I can justify my reasons without yelling or even raising my voice. It is not a debate, if at this point you still support bush there is probably nothing that can be said that would disuade you from that position, no I am looking for is a simple conversation as to why you support this president, what is it that he has done to earn your respect, because I learned as a child, respect is never given, it must be earned.

another example as to why the word rambling is in the title.... starts with Chavez ends with why does any one like bush? only answer if you can do so without yelling, Im lookin at you O'Rielly.

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