Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Art of the Possible

Political Debate in the Finger Lakes Region
This is my new foray. Theres a couple of others in my district which have started with the idea of trying to educate the public about progressive ideas. I beleive most of this nation would agree with the progressive ideals if they were given and honest look at them. With the help of others I hope to revitalize the liberals in this community. The town I live in is a pretty depressed area, the mean income is around $27,000 and over half the children are born on medicaid (or medicare I always forget which is which) and is 82% white. Now personally if I was a broke white person in Elmira, oh wait I am a broke white person in elmira, then I would have a hard time voting for someone who shot down a minimum wage increase on the same day that they gave themselves a raise to make up for inflation. Because you can't let the buying power get stagnent. I simply want to know why poor white people vote republican? Or at this point why anyone but the religious right would vote for a republican. So please come and check out my new site, let me know what you think and if your from upstate NY then plz plz check it out, if you want you could probably become a writer for it too.

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