Friday, October 27, 2006


I'm so burned out at the moment. I just want to go to a concert get drunk yell scream run around in circles running into people while flailing, AKA moshing, which is more fun than it sounds, trying to keep your friends from getting in a fight then going somewhere else and finish getting drunk and passing out, hopefully late enough that others are asleep so you don't get fucked with. Yeah that sounds like fun. Instead Im going to democracy school, which in and of itself Im excited about the timing just sucks. what do we have 11 days till the election? Ill be doing phone banking and that shit for the next week. I love helping the campaign, but man I hate those phone calls. I just feel dirty inside while doing them. I called maybe 30 people the one day and I can honestly say I did not influence a single one of them, at least not in a possitive way. Some people were very nice and were supportive, they were going to vote how I wanted to anyway, a few were very set the other way, not much your going to do about that. and then their were those who hadn't decided and didn't want any info, what can you do? I'm sure its shown to be effective somehow but seriously I don't see how. I mean really what sort of person is so easy to manipulate that a campiagn call is actually going to be the deciding factor in how they vote? the best you can really hope for is to get someone to think about the race that hadn't before. Its really hard to get in the mood to do something you hate, even if its for a good cause, if you don't believe its effective.

So heres some loud and angry political music, I know im burned out on politics but I still like to hear songs about it. I actually dont know this song so I hope its good. The band is Leftover Crack.

Or for simple sillyness heres some They Might Be Giants with Birdhouse in Your Soul

Have a great weekend everyone, go to a halloween party, if you don't have a costume just tell people your dressed as a pedophile, they look like anybody else. If you do go to a party drink one for me. Or if your in this lil craphole of a town go see the concert that Im probably going to miss at a bar called the Softtail on the east end of Washington ave. My boys EPD will be playing along with a few other bands. Happy Spook day!

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