Thursday, November 02, 2006

Election time

Were getting close and the ugliness surrounds us. The RCCC is bombarding us with disgusting ads, Kerry is making stupid comments, Rush Limbaugh being the piece of shit that he is, and everyone involved in campaigning in any form is completely stressed out. Its one thing to have job that has a very high work load, its altogether different when that work is trying to sway public oppinion. The public as a mass is such a strange entity. How much does the public actually pay attention? How manipulated are they by campaign ads or GOTV calls? In the end it really is emotion, do I like this person or not? everything else is just fluff. The Repedophilicans have understood this for a while and have been kicking the shit out of the dems with that little piece of knowledge. Humans are simple, were driven by our emotions, some of us work very had at being objective about the world but in the end, and this is particularly true of human interactions, we are emotional. You probably have at least on friend who is actually a jerk, you know they are and you don't like it but they are still your friend and your not even sure why. Its the same with politics you vote for some one because you like them. When you first hear about them you hopefully look at the issues and their stances, you try to see if their values are similar to yours or not. You might also look at that letter in parenthesis next to their name, and in a rather short period of time you decide if you like them or not. Once you decide, conciously or not, who you like, its almost impossible to change that short of the person coming out as a pedophile, or a total racist or some major breakthrough like that, because any minor issue your going to look at through this lens that anything bad about that opponent is an unfair attack and anything good from the opposition is overblown by the biased media. We all do this, theres no new information in what I just said but its interesting when you catch yourself doing it. Not that it matters I still think Randy Kuhl is an asshole and that Eric Massa seems like a good person. Would I be friends with him normally? probably not, forgetting the age difference, hes a very intense person with a huge millitary background, thats just not really the kind of people I usually surrpound myself with, but the people I do hang out with would have a chance in hell of winning an election for all sorts of reasons.

Another classic post that had no point whatsoever but I liked writing it, hopefully somebody read it and enjoyed it. If not, eh. go below and watch a video or something.

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