Monday, November 20, 2006


I spent the weekend with my favorite sister down in Pittsburgh. It was fun, I ate vegitarian/ some vegan food, and it was actually good. I was a bit shocked. Im more the cheese burger and fries kinda guy but they had some hippy food that was bangin'. And we're talking Pittsburg here, back when she lived in San Fransico it would have been expected. In Pittsburg you get a sandwich and the fries and coleslaw are in the sandwich, thats not a joke. But I just feel like putting some tunes/videos up so Im not really going to talk any more about my trip to Pitt.

Heres some videos,
First up is The Mighty Mos Def, I've never been all that into rap/hip hop but I enjoy intelligence where ever it can be found, Mos Def is clearly one of the most intelliget lyricists in the music biz at the moment. This tune's called Ghetto Rock

The Ramones: I Wanna Be Sedated, nothing more needs to be said.

I liked this Jay-Z song the first time I heard it, and while part of it was the hook, I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one, I realized it was the deffinate Rock beat, then I noticed that Rob Zombie is in the video and helped write the song, suddenly it all made sence. And I still like the song.
So here it is 99Problems

How about some Bloodhound Gang, not intelligent, but highly entertaining.
here is their classic song Fire Water Burn, AKA the roof is on fire.

My Favorite Eminem song which isn't saying much, he got a bit political. I liked it because you knew that the failues of the president were getting pretty outragous when Slim Shady decided that he needed to stop talking about how he hates his wife and mother and tell us how much he hates the president instead... ok so maybe it wasn't all that revolutionairy for him but it was a decent song and video. And I like anything talking shit about baby bush. Here's Mosh

Rage Against the Machine: Testify
This video might anger some liberals, well sorry, I like gore but I don't think he would have been great. Better oh yeah, but I didn't vote for him cause I hate censorship so I couldn't vote for the husband of Tipper the loudest voice in the PMRC.

Crappy video of a good song by System of a Down: Prison Song

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