Wednesday, November 22, 2006

honkeys givin' dough to cracka's

Ok so I see a link to an article over at BuzzFlash, a site I like, denouncing the action of the Boston University Republicans. College republicans are pretty easy targets but I figured it could be funny so I checked out the Article. The group is of course opposed to affrmitive action, I already siad they were GOP, so they decided to create a scholarship for white students. Its a scholarship for $250 which might buy you 2 books and some combo's. The idea wasn't that they wree really going to help a white student, at least not much, the idea was that it was going to spark controversy and debate. Its confrontaional, it takes a stand in a way that will get attention without actually hurting anyone. Any you can set up a grant for anyone, my friend once found a scholarship for engineering students named Matt. Anyway I appaude their actions, I completely disagree with their goals, affirmative action is important in order to bring minorities to and even playing field and it doesn't even do that but it helps a little. But I can still applaud the action, they have an issue they want talked about and came up with a mildly creative way to stir up enough controversy to get the issue disscused. If they have anyone at the school with some background in this issue (and I bet they do) then these frat boys are going to get crushed in the debate that they started. I was always meakly in favor of affirmative action. Im an optimist and always wanted to think that real equality is the best and this is what the frat boys will agrue too, the difference is I ment it. We would be a better society if the only thing that mattered for a job/college/scholarship were merit/qualifications/need in the case of scholarships. but we don't live in a perfect world and slowly I admited that yeah we need Affrimative Action you look at the stats and yeah we still screw the miorities pretty hard, not that this is exactly news to anyone. Then I went to a confrence for work and saw a whole presentation about subversive racism. I won't get into it in detail but it fully convinced me that nothing were going to do is going to truely bring them to an even playing field so anything we can do is acceptable.
Ok well Im not going to get to finish this or add the links so you can read for yourself but if you go to Buzzflash in the blogroll then it might still be there, if not you'll have to search the boston globe for it. but Ill do my quick recap.
I disagree with these people's stance but I like they way they are going about getting their opinion heard. I disagree with them because the only ways you can be against affirmative action are to be mis/uniformed which most likely isn't the case for these students. You could be an idealist as I mentioned earlier, this is possible and it is the deffence they will use. Or they are racist, which I guarentee is at least part of it. Im not saying they are klan members or anything like that but I would guarentee that the moderates are subversive racists and I bet some are outright racist when not in public. As for the subversive thing, I ran out of time but its a very interesting area of psychology, possible the only interesting part.... sorry gotta trow in the psych jab from time to time, I work with "those people."
And finally this is an area that I find annoying about some liberals, if they were on the other side of the issue they would approve of similar tactics, but when the opposition does it then its wrong, were better than that. Be honest they're methods are fine, they want to have a debate about Affirmative Action, fine this is a topic we can destroy them on even when were stuck playing by their rules. We can win this easily, but rather than attack the tactic, learn from it, we need to be on the offensive like they are, that way we set the ground rules we can fight in our arena not theirs.

Ok well have a great thanksgiving, eat turkey fall alseep in front of the TV watching a football game you don't care about. or you can have a traditional thanksgiving, invite all your neighbors over have a huge feast then kill them all and take their land. either way, Im lazy so falling alseep in front of the tv is my plan but do what you wish, either way have a good one, and if your neighbor invites you over, well just watch your ass...

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