Friday, November 10, 2006

TFSMIF (thank flying spaghetti monster its friday)

Nothing much to report on the political front, and its friday so I feel like relaxing, I was hoping to post a song called "the Brews" because it was our way to kick off friday nights back at college. It starts with,

"Friday night we'll be drinkin' Manishevitz
Goin' out to terrorize Goyem
Stompin' shagitz, screwin' shicksas
As long as we're home by Saturday mornin
Cause hey, we're the Brews
Sportin' anti-swastika tattoos
Oi Oi we're the boys
Orthodox, hesidic, O.G. Ois

Orthopedic, Dr. Martins good for
Waffle making, kickin' through the shin
Reputation, gained through intimidation
Pacifism no longer tradition"

The friend that I usually started the night off with was usually rocking Doc's and even got an anti-swastika tatoo eventually, a-la the Dead Kennedy's.

Oh and two of the band members are jewish and so this entire song is full of yiddish and other jewish reffernces. They had an album called "white trash, two heebs and a bean" from that you can probably guess the racial make up of the band.

But I couldn't find a good version of it so instead here is NoFX's masterpeice, this one song was an entire album, its the second longest song in punk history. And its here in three parts. The longest was Crass with Sir! Yes Sir! And these guys first started in 1983 when I was 1, they're about to turn 40 and are still a great punk band.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Hell its friday i think i'll go nuts with the videos.
More Nofx im looking for non-live videos so you can actually hear the music and NOFX is one of relatively few bands I like that has a lot of non-live videos available.
So heres a little diddy called The Man I Killed

how bout some Anti-Flag another favorite, their new stuff is pretty much Emo still a good message but lost a lot of the edge, I'm not hating just that they've changed in a direction I'm not a big fan of, maybe they will convince Emo bands to actually have a point instead of just being boring music about how their lives suck, maybe?
anyway heres Anti-Flag with this is the end, for you my friend.

More A-F with the aptly name Die for your Government

eh I'm goin to lunch hope you enjoyed the videos

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