Thursday, November 09, 2006

America, Fuck Yeah!

Did we seriously just take the house, the senate and for a little icing on the cake get Rumsfeld out in the same day? Holy freaking crap batman. I mean really who called that one? I think my house predictions were almost dead on, my senate predictions were vague enough that Miss Cleo could have spotted them as another way of saying I don't fucking know, but I never even contemplated that we'd get the entire legislative branch AND get rid of Rummy all in one fell swoop. Am I dreaming, did our country finally wake up out of our 5-year hate induced zombiedom? Bush loved taking about mandates well you just got a great big mandate upside the head motherfucker.

Fuck a gridlock like so many predicted we're on the express bus to vetoville, Bush is going to wear that veto stamp right out, better get some more ink. But now the pressure is on, well it will be as soon as they're in session. The Dems just took this country, now they need to show what they can do with it, they need to push through value defining laws, nothing hidden, just big bold laws that like re-affirming that no one can be held without a trial, no one can be tortured, habeas corpus is an inalienable right that NO ONE has the right to take away AKA fuck you Bush. They need to demand that a clear concise plan is laid out in Iraq, immediately, again FUB. Any two people can have a civil union by law, and churches or other institutions may grant marriages to who ever they want and those unions/marriages will be recognized by all entities in this country. Domestic spying without a warrant is illegal and anything else is an impeachable offence, we won't try you for the past ones, but no immunity either, in other words if you straighten up we'll let you go but if you do it again we throw the book at you.

If the Dems stand up and kick a little ass then, well it'll all get vetoed but that’s ok, hell its the whole idea, we clearly state what our plan is then this forces the true repedophilican agenda into the open. Every time the president vetoes a bill he's saying fuck you to every person who voted for a Democrat, Oh we better pass a stronger bill about signing statements too, which Bush will approve with a signing statement that this law doesn’t apply to him. We want to force bush and the other republicans to say fuck you to the people as often as possible, sure it wont change much because everything gets shot down, but it will be a constant reminder of who is and has been fucking this country, and I'm not talking about just some good old wholesome fuckin, nah this was like American History X jail sex, they kind where they guy says after words, "I had to get three stitches" its been that kind of fucking, but some how those fear ruphies worked better than I ever though possible, but we seem to have woken up finally, and now we're going to the cops, hope fully the rapist goes to jail, and if not we'll theirs always the lifetime movie style justice for the raped.

Of course if the Dems don't stand up, if they bitch and fight within the party, if they water down their bills because they don't want them to get vetoed well then fuck them too, that’s when I'll dump that (D) from after my name and proudly declare myself a member of the Green Party.

So it’s all up to the Dems, raise your voice, point your finger and grab your nuts cause its on now!

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