Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Evolution come to bite us in the ass

I know the creation museum would say this is just a sign of the apocalypse or some other cheerful thought but we've got a serious problem that we've known was going to happen and now its happening. This time its Staph Infections, ones that are resistant to drugs. You know that little thing about survival of the fittest, well combine that with "kills 99.5% of bacteria" and what you get is the strongest .5% surviving and reproducing. The ones that were the least affected by our drugs/disinfectants pass on their traits, then they get wiped out again and again only the strongest survive, do this enough times and soon they laugh at our drugs. Oh then combine that with people living in very close proximity and then we have the diseases spreading. Staph sucks but its not contagious in the normal sense but it can be passed along by contact with an infected wound. So while this particular "super bug" is going to be a pain its still mild compared to some of the others that are getting stronger and more resistant. I'm not sure what the solution is, but we need to think about these things.

One minor thing you can do, if the doctor gives you an anti-biotic and say to say on it for 12 days, then even if you feel better in 4 days, finish the meds like the doc told you to, its minor but it helps.

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