Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Ok My stance on torture is pretty well established. I, as anyone who knows anything about it or simply possesses a shred of moral fiber, am completely against the torturing of anyone. What makes it all the worse is when those who's job it is to study interrogation techniques say that not only is it ineffective but that as a whole we are far behind where we were during WW2 when it comes to interrogation. In WW2 the interrogators spoke the language of those they were interrogating, that seems like a good minimum step. Knowing the history and the culture would be useful as well. I want to go on and on about how horrible this practice is, the fact that the Second in command of the "free world" said that torture is necessary in so many words the other day is appalling. The fact that torture simply does not work as a means of gathering information means that this debate shouldn't even be going on. IF torture worked I could understand a debate, those with morals vs those who value security at any cost. Even at that point you can argue that the security from increased information is out weighted by the anger created by the torture itself. But thats not the case, you have the increased hatred but no valuable information. It's tough to try to look at both sides when I simply cannot see what the other side as to stand on. Seriously what do we gain from torture, is it simply retaliation for 9/11? We've bombed to nations back to the stone age, we've been killing roughly 3,000 civilians a month in Iraq, or a 9/11 a month, for the last four years. Our thirst for blood should have been quenched by now, if not then we are a sick society indeed. Of course maybe the blood of the innocent is just too sweet, maybe its just that our blood lust continues unabated because the fucker that actually did the crime has not been brought to justice. That was 2087 days ago as of this writing, or 2081 days since Bush said he would capture Osama dead or alive. Where was your infamous resolve on that one George? I'm done, there's nothing left to say.

Oh and a big Hat Tip to FireDogLake again today for some great articles, the last three were inspired by (stolen from) FLD, Thanks.

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