Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Das Weekend

Took a long weekend and went to Pittsburgh with the 'rents to see my sister and the US Open, golf not tennis. When I first heard about it I thought tennis, not a sport I'm into but worth seeing once, plus I bet there are a lot of attractive women at a pro tennis match. Unfortunately we were going to watch golf. Ok it was fathers day and dad was happy, that was good, plus I got to spend a weekend with the fam, good enough for me. But honestly Golf is a horrible spectator sport. I know I know, not exactly headline news but I figured it would be more interesting than it was. It was fun when we finally got up next to a green and then just waited there until the top guys got to us. It was a good vantage point, we could see almost the entire hole. But without binoculars we couldn't see where their shots went so it only got interesting when the were putting. The fun came from the fact that it was a very very difficult course and the guy were challenged to sink even short puts. Its fun watching the best in the world get made to look foolish.

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