Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Happy News

I was in the middle of writing something about how sad our times are. The problems just seem insurmountable sometimes and I had become bitter. Then just to toss a little salt in the wound my computer decided that would be a good time to lock up because I had one program running. So at first I got more annoyed then I decided screw it I'll write something happier. So I looked for Happy News and to no big surprise there is a Even there it took me a little digging to find something that could actually make me smile but I got one.

I do love taking shots at religions and one of the most influential and easily attacked is the catholic church, but today they have given me a reason to smile. Actually I don't mind the catholics ok their organization is ridiculous but in this day they seem quite rational compared to the evangelicals. But being less bad hardly puts a smile on my face, whats the big news? No longer hating gays? Pro-choice? Speaking out against the war? Nope, but they are installing solar panels on some of the newer buildings at the Vatican. I'm a fan of history so I totally support not wanting to ruin the architecture of a historic old building with solar panels but on some of the modern buildings its a great idea. I'm happy to hear that the pope cares about the environment. So thank you Mr. Pope, not only are you setting an example of something we can do to help the environment but you also gave me some good news for the day. You even reminded me why I don't hate religion, I just wish we had something that could fill its roll without all the supernatural stuff. So theres your good news for the day.

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Anonymous said...

>>>I do love taking shots at religions<<<<

ahh... I am not alone