Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I still hate the democrats

Oh sure I hate the Republicans but thats akin to saying I resent Hitler, big deal. But I still hold on to some hope for the dems. Not because they have inspired me to be hopeful but simply due to desperation I need to cling to the idea that maybe the Dems will actually do, something, anything. So far though they've been a disappointment. Ok so they passed the minimum wage bill, thats one check mark. But then there was that disaster of a Iraq Funding Bill, which somehow they were scared to put timetables on because when they did the president vetoed it which made the Dems look like they weren't supporting the troops. To be honest I can't believe I even have to write words as idiotic as those. If the party had a backbone they would say, "Here is your money, if YOU veto it then YOU'RE NOT SUPPORTING THE FUCKING TROOPS!!!!!" And mind you those timetables were non-binding, so even if it had passed it wouldn't have forced anything to change. So that was a major failure. What happened next, oh yes Gonzalez and the Attorneys.

This was a big blunder by the Repubs. If they were slick this could have eased right passed everyone. But they stumbled and stumbled hard but did the Dems pounce on Alberto they way the Repubs pounced on, well everyone? No. They tried to do another symbolic act, a vote of no confidence, the kind that sends a clear message, "we know whats right and wrong, but we refuse to stick our necks out for whats right." Great job, but wait they couldn't even pass that. Hey if your going to fail, at least fail at an impeachment. Then you can say you tried and failed, right now you can barely claim to have even tried.

So thats a couple of not-so-minor failures, one means that the top level of our justice department will continue on its quest for ineptitude while the other means that my friends will continue to be shot at and others will die to fight a war that cannot be won, I consider those important. But I'm not done yet the latest calamity that I just caught wind of was this. The Dems just INCREASED funding for Abstinence only sex-"ed" programs. Now I'll ignore some of the points made at the end of the article about how the money is then filtered back into the hands of major GOP contributors because that is minor compared to the fact that these programs just don't work. There's been plenty of studies and the results seem to range from they're ineffective to they, "threaten fundamental human rights to health, information and life." So that seems like something we should be increasingly using right? OH and then there is this.
When Democrat Henry Waxman was the ranking minority member on government oversight back in 2004, his staff did a report on the content of abstinence-only programs that showed over 80 percent of the programs contained "false or misleading information." All the way back in 2000, the Institute of Medicine, the nation's leading authority on public health, had called for the termination of abstinence-only programs because they represent "poor fiscal and public health policy."
So don't fund them. I would think that would have been the point of that investigation. If they work then increase funding, if they don't then stop funding, like DARE. And again this is the lesser of the two evils... I wonder how much warning the Romans had before their empire collapsed?

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