Thursday, June 28, 2007

Illegal Wiretapping

Thank You Democrats! I've talked a lot of shit about them in the past, even the recent past, but this week they've shown a little spirit. The big one for me is that they are finally investigating the illegal wiretapping program. USNews has a ton of links to other news sources so rather than repeat them just go to Actually to be fair there are folks on both sides of the isle that are willing to go after the office of a man who doesn't know what part of the government he's in. So far its just some subpoenas which will probably be ignored although it would talk some serious balls to try to use "executive privilege" immediately after claiming to no be a part of the executive branch, then again this is the man who shot a friend in the face then made a statement about how your friend feels bad about all the commotion that he has caused, so balls are hardly lacking. Can't wait to see where this leads, likely nowhere, but might get some entertaining moments out of the ordeal.

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