Thursday, June 28, 2007

Three Bad Rulings

Been a rough week in the supreme court, three rulings have come down in ugly ways. Attack ads by corporations and Unions are Ok because those entities have freedom of speech. People in school on the other hand do not have that freedom as they can be punished by the school for what should have been a protected act that occurred OFF school property. And lastly you and I have no right to challenge what are tax money is used for, even if it is used in a n unconstitutional manner, like for instance money going to religious institutions. Fuck.

So by democracy of by and for the people that means that the people have the right to vote, they don't have the right to ensure that their vote gets counted, or to verify that it was counted correctly, if the elected person that may or may not have won then decides to pass unconstitutional laws then you do not have the right to question that law, and while in school you have almost no rights at all, but a corporation has all of your rights but cannot be punished, are often subsidized and rarely pay any taxes at all. Ya smell that? Thats freedom baby.

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