Saturday, July 21, 2007


Actually I'm in a fairly good mood, the title is referring to the magazine MAD, and yes its still around and apparently has been hitting back against Bush without concern for restraint. There is a new book out, The MAD war on Bush, and from the initial review over at buzzflash it sounds funny if nothing else. They warn that yes many of the jokes are pretty basic but there are some gems in the mix, some that take things to a level I never would have expected from MAD, hell I'd be slightly surprised if the Onion said some of these things.
And with a "Handy Glossary to the War on Terror," MAD defines "collateral damage" as "the official military explanation as to why there are so many empty seats lately in Umm Qasr's fourth-grade classrooms," and "hearts and minds of the Iraqi people" as "that stuff CNN and FOX don't show you, splattered all over the Iraqi rubble."
Wow. Oh and you can buy it straight from Buzzflash, you'll pay a little more but the money is going to a good organization.

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