Monday, July 30, 2007

Silly conservatives

I think I found this stuff via Planet Atheism, either that or it was Deep Thoughts, I've forgotten. But I was screwing around which is pretty much the entire purpose of the internet as I understand it when I came across acouple fun little things that got those rusty gears in my head slowly turning, and that squeak is pissing me off wheres that damn grease fitting, I might have to fit a new one..

Anyway I came across Chuck Norris's plan for what he would do if elected president, now it was clearly meant as a joke and parts of it were mildly amusing, but the bit about taking all atheists and tattooing a flag on their foreheads that says "in god we trust" is just rude. Plus this would give us standing as an openly oppressed group, and while trying to avoid breaking Godwin's law, I know of only one group that gave tattoos to others based on faith or lack of. Actually I think this would not only make people realize just how many atheists they already know that it might help, plus it would make it easy to identify other atheists, and it would be all the rage with the kids that just want to piss of their parents. Nah, the reality is most atheists would just lie on the form and claim to be christian or something, what are they going to do test us? As we know many atheists are well versed in biblical info, and many christians are not. So to finish this part, Fuck Chuck.

This on the other hand wasn't meant to be funny but I found a couple gems. Conservative t-shirts. The first thing I noticed was that they don't have a single shirt featuring our current president. Now I've been to this site before, and at one point they had plenty of "W's." I wonder why they don't anymore? They do have a large array of shirts for that worm food Regan. Oh wait they do have one Bush shirt, telling us to vote for him in '04... They also have Imagine No Liberals, funny that they stole the phrase from a liberal who wrote Imagine, and no religion too. I'm not sure whats going on with Nuke The Moon and Pave The Whales I guess if you just want to advertise that your an asshole then they are perfect. Not surprisingly they have plenty of anti-Hillary shirt. I guess the move towards Regan and "old school conservative" is just proof that even within they know that the neo-con hypothesis has failed miserably. The armed forces tour shirt is pathetic only because I don't have a harsher word in my mind right now. First off it somehow "forgets" a couple of major wars namely Korea and Vietnam, it also labels Iraq and Afganistan as Free, they are free to get shot by american soldiers, american mercenaries, sunni's shites or by random sucide bombers, can't ya smell that freedom? It smells like burning flesh. They also have some anti-Che shirts, ooh now were scared.

Silly Conservatives. Have a good one and play nice.

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