Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The bombs bursting in air....

Yesterday was the anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. The massacre of innocent people of any race any religion should always be mourned, mourned not only for those who died, not only for those who survived but barely, but we must also mourn for the sake of humanity because we as a species are showing how despicable we can be.

This was a city of about a quarter of a million people, it had intentionally been left alone so that it would be clear to the world that we wiped this city off the map in one fell swoop it was not preexisting damage. I cannot fathom the sort of mind that thinks that way, it makes me wonder if we deserve to survive as a species.
I won't show the pictures of the victims, I probably should but I can't, they were similarly obliterated. The view as described by survivors was of people walking very slowly down the street arms held out with flesh falling off. Hearing the full description I could only think of one thing and that is, and I want to pause for a moment because this is going to sound like a light hearted reference and by comparison it is but what wouldn't seem light in this context? It reminded me of an old zombie movie slowly moving people with arms held out and dripping skin, but it makes sense the level of pain along with the shear shock and terror I must assume that normal thought processes stop and you continue on essentially instinct alone, which is exactly what movie makers are going for with the idea of zombies.

what scares me most of all is not the fact that we posses the capability to inflict this horrific death and destruction upon every living thing on this planet several times over. I've come to grips with that, its been true my entire life, my fear is from the fact that there are those who would like to see us create more. The idea of tactical nukes is beyond appalling, hate is a word I use rarely but I think its fair to say that I hate anyone who supports the use of tactical nukes, or the re-armament of our nuclear force. I can think of nothing more deserving of hatred than nuclear war and by association those who support it.

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