Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Cost of War

Here is an odd little "abnormality" that I just noticed.

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 California &&&&&&&036457549.&&&&&036,457,549

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&02.&&&&&02 Texas &&&&&&&023507783.&&&&&023,507,783 &&&&&&&&&&&&&032.&&&&&0

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&03.&&&&&03 New York &&&&&&&019306183.&&&&&019,306,183

So Texas has roughly 4 million people more than New York, or New York has 82% of Texas's population.

Also of importance is the GDP per state,

Texas 989,443

New York 957,873

So Texas still beats New York in GDP but the gap has narrowed to New York having almost 97% of Texas's GDP.

So by these two numbers it would be safe to assume that New York has spent between 82 and 97% as much as Texas for the war, and Texas being so gung ho I would presume towards the low end, but I would be wrong dead wrong,

According to the National Priorities Project

Texas has spent about $36,660,000,000
New York has spent about $40,208,000,000

(these are running tallies so they will change, hence I rounded to the nearest million)
New York has spent over 109% of what Texas has contributed. Or you could say 4 million fewer people and 4 billion dollars more towards supporting our troops. Funny how those who oppose the war end up footing the bill.

Oh yeah and Fuck Texas.

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