Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Spitzer Scandal

The honest truth is I don't know enough about what going on to really cover this. I'm not very good about paying attention to state politics. Oh and while I'm an unabashed liberal/progressive I have no love for Spitzer, which is near blasphemy to New York Democrats. He's too pro-union and in case you haven't seen my old rants against unions, I don't like them. Anyway as I understand it some of his staffers may have used the police to illegally gather information about a political opponent. Sounds like a mini-watergate but then again with the precedents being set at the national level all Spitzer needs to do is claim blanket executive privilege then commute the sentence if any of the staffers do get in trouble. But one reason why I like the Dems is because I don't think that he will go that route, hopefully he will allow justice to be done, which proves that he has already has an excellent scapegoat in place, I like the Dems because they think ahead.

Was that too cynical? If you want to read the opinions of people who actually know whats going on then try the News, or this News, or this, this, but who does that any more? Listening to people who know whats going on thats so last decade. Yeah like Clinton.

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