Friday, August 10, 2007

Darwin is dead

Yes he is, but his idea is stronger than ever. Sorry to the haters but the fact that evolution is not linear is nothing new, the recent discoveries are not going to overthrown evolution, they aren't a big shake up, no revolution, not even surprising. Its a big discovery thats important to science, but its not the slightest problem to evolution. Heres a write up from Silly Humans, and here is Pharyngula, two people who actually know a little bit about evolution. Compare that with what the regular media has to say. Back to the drawing board for evolutionists, New theory of human evolution, and New theory on dawn of humanity. There is no new theory. Of course they like to sensationalize things as much as possible, especially in the headlines, but I think I'm as guilty of that as anyone so I can't be too upset about that, although this time mine was only for irony.

This one needs to be separated as it shouldn't count as media, I was simply using google news to find a quick sample of what the press has to say, The Discovery Institute's opinion does not matter.

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MichaelBains said...

Darwin dead?! How can that be?! I just read something by him the other day.


Thanks for the linkage. I just caught it now.