Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Struggle Not To Beleive

One of the greatest one liners I've ever heard in the god vs. no god debate, and it comes from a christian, I have yet to see a book by an atheist entitled "My Struggle Not to Believe."
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This is particularly fitting after so much discussion about Mother Teresa apparent questioning of her own faith. Think how common that idea is, people struggling to keep their faith, now think how often you here someone say they are struggling to avoid religion. Thats not to say atheists never convert to religion its just saying that a lifelong struggle to maintain their atheism is very rare. I will say that its quite common to struggle with atheism at the start but I see this more as the end of the struggle to maintain religion and a struggle to understand how the world really came to be. It can be difficult to abandon god without having an idea of how the world came to be which is why I personally find it rewarding to study science particularly evolution and astronomy. I'm still very much a layman in both field and claim nothing more, but I'm doing some reading and hope to have a better grasp soon. I can be an atheist without evolution, not knowing how we got here does not make god anymore viable, but it does leave a skeptic with too many unanswered questions.

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