Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Phenomenauts

Strange little band my friend introduced me to The Phenomenauts.
Think Devo meets They Might Be Giants meets The Reverend Horton Heat. Good times, oh and they are from space and landed at the capital of Earth, or as you may know it Oakland.

Extra: I'll be honest I've only heard a couple songs by them, both from DVDs a friend has, one is called Beyond Warped and is a bunch of bands from warped tour a few years ago. The other I have no idea what it was but the audio was better and was indoor which meant they could have more fun with the ambiance of the room, the show being as important as the music for a band like this. But now I just read the lyrics, much better than I expected.

The song is The Year 2000.

July '69 we spent so much time expanding our mind so that all mankind could go much further than the moon. We soon realized being polarized was not very wise and it compromised our ability to get there soon.

Come on boys, it's going to be OK, you're going to shout hooray! The year 2000.
Come with me, explore the galaxy, you're going to yell yippee! The year 2000.
Blast on through to the wild blue, you're going to yell yahoo! The year 2000.

It's only time we wasted, we reached the lunar surface. It's such a crime. We gave up exploration. We beat the Soviets. We just stopped trying. After unity everyone was free to stay put and be safe from tyranny that had been so prevalent before, then technology exponentially and dramatically increased activity when we share our secrets to make war


Anonymous said...

I think you'll especially love their take on the "god versus science" debate, look up the lyrics to "Galactic Pioneers"!

Kilgore Trout said...

Will do! Thanks anonymous, is that Swedish?

HAHA, heres the lyris for Galactic Pioneers.

We were here before, before four score, before four thousand years. We interbred, which changed your head; at least you kept your ears. Flew past stars and then to mars and then we brought you here. We were just interested in stellar evolution and not religious ideals.

We're not angels, we're Galactic Pioneers. We're not demons, we've been comping here for years. Me and Ra and Jehovah, and Yahweh and the kid. We set her down to look around and tried to keep it hid.

Ezekiel saw in full and nearly flipped his lid, so we took him inside and took him for a ride and he got so excited. We regret that when we met, you were so ill prepared. Your scientist did not exist and you got so damn scared, you theorized, it's no surprise, that out of the thin air, you pulled a crazy old theory about a creator that was scary a man with a long white beard.

Anonymous said...

The drummer.. The drummer ,jimmy boom boom, grew up with my wife in PHX AZ. He is a great cat. He was also in a ska band called congo shock. They have a large following that dress up and the whole she-bang. great little band .