Monday, August 06, 2007

Edwards, Obama, and Clinton Oh my!

I'm very unsure about the Democrat options right now. I'm leaning further and further into the fuck Hillary camp all the time. I don't think she would be terrible, I mean lets face it any of the Dem options would be better than what we've got now but I guess I still have that lingering optimism of wanting someone who will actually fix some problems and not just someone who won't fuck things up too much. My problem with Hillary is pretty much the standard list of complaints, too focus group driven, supported the war way way way too long, and is getting her money from all the groups that need to be placed in check not handed a check.

Obama, he must have had a hankering for some leather because he managed to stuff most of his foot straight into his mouth when he talked about invading Pakistan. Forget the fact that Pakistan while not being terribly helpful is one of our few allies in the area, the bigger issue is we need leaders who don't settle disputes by invasion. It should also be noted that invasion hasn't had a very goo track record of actually solving disputes at least in the last 60 years. I want to like the guy, but this was a major blunder.

Edwards, I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned Edwards here before, other than to say I don't care about his hair. I guess I've just been too focused on the other two for the same reason as everyone else, we might not have a white guy as president, I love the idea. Don't get me wrong, I'm a honky, gots me a y chromosome too but I was taught to share and I'd like to see this country show a little bit of its wonderful diversity in its upper echelon. Our diversity is our greatest asset, our country is a mutt, but whats wrong with that? Most of the best dogs I've met (Although I'm NOT a dog person) have been mutts, and I mean real mutts not mutts with dumb names like cocker-poo, , although cocker-poo is pretty damn funny. Anyway, John Edwards. He talks the talk, had enough good points to make me want to learn more about him. He might just be the most sensible option, I guess I need to put the needs of the country above diversity for the sake of diversity. There's plenty of time left, hopefully Obama figures out who he is and who he wants to be soon.

Heres a video of Edwards getting in a few jabs at Hillary after the bell over at yearly Kos after their debate in the breakout session. Thank you C&L.

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