Monday, August 06, 2007

Remember to enuciate

Will someone tell the shrub and all his lackies that 1984 was a dystopia, not a play book. We have what should have been a huge scandal when the story broke a year late about illegal wiretapping of American citizens, so how do we as a country respond to such a blatant attack on our constitutional rights? We riot in the street... no thats not it, we had prosecutors find out what happened and held those responsible accountable, haha I can't use the words accountable and bush together without laughing. No in our country when the president commits a serious crime there is only one proper way to handle it, legalize the crime (after it was declared unconstitutional). Yup thats what we did, rather than protect the rights of the citizens we protected the ass of our president and in so doing gave all of our shadowy intelligence agencies essentially unlimited right to listen in on any international conversation, or any conversation "reasonably believed" to be over seas. WTF? They don't even have to be sure that the person is overseas? But don't be worried your rights are safe guarded by... the good will of the NSA? No thats the whole point there used to be a straw man in place called the FISA court which handed out warrants so that this stuff was legal and would pretend to protect our rights, but that was too much work so they threw out anything that might seem like oversight. But at least you know that if you do get illegally wiretapped you can always take them to court, like real court, where they'll tell you to fuck off. Now thats a big old steaming pile of freedom if I ever seen one.

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