Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Giulliani, and Pharyngula

These don't deserve separate posts because I'm adding almost nothing.

Basically the Rude Pundit makes a complete ass of Rudy, which honestly is pretty easy, but the Rude One takes it to another level as usual. Like this closer,

By the way, the best reason Giuliani can offer that he can "fight" terrorism is that he watched people jump out of a burning building that had been attacked before in the city that he led, as the Post article says, and now for him it's "personal." No wonder the Bush administration loves this jerk-off: he believes his own miserable failure makes him the best qualified person on the campaign trail.

Plus I go onto the big ass list over at Pharyngula, I shouldn't be too proud of that considering it was open registration day, but it still mean one of my favorite bloggers might have stopped by for a moment. Of course he probably would have seen the A and said good enough.

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