Monday, September 24, 2007

Just my luck

Lets see first it turns out that Hot Intern has a boyfriend, which I should have expected. So that sucks. I don't think I ever mentioned Hot Intern on here because, well I didn't even know if she was single.
Plus on Saturday during the awesome by elmira standards Irish Festival I did something stupid. I talked to this seemingly very nice and quite attractive lady on Myspace and told her to come to the fest. She said she had a blast last year and was planning on going so we would try to meet up. I was hoping that Hot Intern would show up and was keeping more than an eye peeled for her. This was prior to knowing the BF situation. So then Myspace girl yells hellos to me, I only knew that a female voice had yelled hello fairly excitedly so I spun around and threw my arms up to give who ever it was a hug. Oh I should interject right here. I'm not the overly hugging type, but I probably hug more than some, the thing is this is the Irish Fest and so I had been hugging lots of family members and some friends. So there I am, I spun around to give a hug only to realize that this was the first time I was meeting this person and I just didn't know if a hug was appropriate. So I awkwardly switched it too a handshake. That was not the mistake, but it was kinda funny. Nope the mistake was that immediately after meeting her a few of my friends showed up that I had to speak with about band issues. I wasn't sure if I should introduce her or not, if I did what would I have said, I'd like to introduce a girl to you all to a person that I've know for 12 seconds longer than you have. So I figured it would be easier just to sort things out with the friends then go talk to the lady. Unfortunately when I turned around she had vanished which is quite easy to do in a crowd. I then literally wandered for a couple hours stopping only to talk to family and grab more beers. At which point I remembered that she had said from the start she couldn't stay long at all because she had to work that evening. So I blew it at that juncture as well. so it goes

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