Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Onion lied to me / hot first ladies.

According to the Onion If elected Fred Thompson will have the hottest first lady in history. Now I guess it's not really a lie in that she would be better than all those who have come before although you could argue for Jakie O, but that's mentioned in the article. No my problem is that while she is attractive, of all people Dennis Kucinich's wife is considerably better looking, at least in my opinion. I guess it depends on if you're a boob man, plus the Irish in me goes a little crazy for the redheads. Damn Dennis even has him beat in the age disparity column, the Leprechaun married a woman less than half is age! he's 60 she's 29. we need some pictures.

First off Mrs. Thompson.A good looking woman for sure, and not really a great picture of her. Plus having Jowls in the scene kills any hope of sexiness. Lets give her another chance., how about one with Kelsey Grammer, everyone likes Frazer even if he was better on Cheers.
Ok we get a better look at the rest of her, which is very nice, unfortunately her face looks busted in that pic. well combine those two in your head and she's definitely a trophy wife. Even ugly men can get hot wifes, if they're rich.

Now for Elizabeth Kucinich.

I think we have a winner, Barbra Bush AHH sorry just a little pre-Halloween scare.
Again I know there is real shit to talk about in the world but I'm in a fairly good mood and I just don't feel like it. I'd rather look at the woman I want to be first lady. And dammit Dennis who let you out of the house with a red bow tie? Wait are those sequins on that bow tie WTF your trying to be president, look like one! Wow, I just commented on clothing. I think ill be getting back to things that matter sooner than I expected.


D.D. said...

Damn!! This is a funny blog..but true. Just goes to show two things.
1.Chicks have it all over us.
2.Even candidates think with their dicks.

Kilgore Trout said...

Thats whats funny about feminism, women can take control any time they want. Oh sure there is lots of things holding women back, but with a bit of leadership they could do anything they want. I know I'd let Elizabeth Kucinich lead me anywhere she wants.