Friday, October 12, 2007

Political Frustration

It pains me when the scope of how hard people work to decieve sinks in. Half of me says fight fire with fire, and half says take the high road of self immolation. While being burned alive metaphorically sound like fun on a Friday night, the masses will reflect on it only enough to crave s'mores.
I wish I could take credit for that, great imagery. This was taken from the comment section over at Flex Your Head by Byshop. I didn't exactly get permission but I did tell him I was going to steal it, so if he doesn't want it show he can let me know and I'll take it down, but I think I'm ok.

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Byshop said...

Feel free to use any of my stuff...

Remit royalty checks to:

1st National Bank of the Caymen Islands
Acct# 8675309
420 Jahmohn St.
Caymen Islands, 90210

Hopefully I spelled Caymen right.