Friday, October 12, 2007

Spitzer's close encounter of the illegal kind

As I've said before I'm all for immigration, we're all immigrants, even the natives that survived moved here from Asia they just immigrated a long time ago. So no problem with immigrants, but there is a huge problem with illegal immigration, namely that its illegal which means these folks essentially cannot become productive members of society. If they get a job they do so at risk to themselves and their employeer but do not pay taxes and they make so little that they can hardly help the economy. Others with a business or economic background might say they help the economy by keeping prices low. In a move that was already tried in California, New York Governor Elliot Spitzer is trying to allow illegal aliens (or undocumented workers) drivers licenses. His theory is that at least then we would have some database of who is here and thats a start. The opposition to it is obvious, in this essay they use the analogy of a driver being pulled over for speeding then the cop finds a large bag of cocaine on the seat, gives the guy a speeding ticket and walks away. I don't think thats all that far off. How can you expect people to have respect for some laws while allowing others to be flagrantly violated? Which is more than I can say about the complaints in this one (the rest of the article is ok) which manages to bring 9/11 into the fray, which brings this debate into compliance with the 2001 ordinance saying that every debate on any issue must have 9/11 and or terrorism mentioned. So not to be simply a hater I have a solution, a very simple solution that others will still not like.

A person comes to the DMV,
"hey I need a license"
"Ok lets see some ID, social security card birth certificate all that jazz."
"Uh I don't have all that stuff."
"Did you forget to bring it or are you an undocumented worker?"
"Ok well then before you can get your permit you need to fill out the green papers over on the counter."
"What are they?"
"The green papers are the first step towards a green card and becoming a citizen."
"What if I don't want to be a citizen?"
"Then I could ask why the fuck you're here, or I could just ask that fine gentleman with the badge and the gun to come have a little chat with you."
"Ok Ok I'll fill out the green form."
"Thought you might, and good luck with the parallel parking, the guy who does the test is a dick and a bit of a racist."
"land of the free..."

Thats my plan, have the people begin the process of becoming citizens or at least legal foreign workers. This is not amnesty at all. It's registering with the INS and taking the first step towards being legal. Exactly how big that first step would be I don't know. I don't have enough experience in this realm to know if you would then consider these folks legal. I do know that they would be on thin ice and that any slip and they fall through the ice, straight to mexico or where ever they're from. Shit why not do a modern public works project? We've got millions of people who are here trying to work for a couple bucks an hour, lets get them legal and put them to work for 6 bucks and hour to do something. Or as part of their status they must contribute 5 hours a week to community clean-up, actually I think that should also be a part of welfare. Imagine if there were millions of people who simply had to clean up the streets from time to time. Then for the immigrants who have quite a few years before they will be legal maybe we could have them helping to build roads or something, give them a job skill while they earn a taxable income. Or they can keep picking fruit, but do it legally. There just one major flaw, capitalism. It's cheaper to use illegal immigrants than it is to use legal folks, so we need to severely crackdown on those using illegal workers especially if we made it easy to become semi-legal. Having a job could be a part of the drivers license paperwork. I'm just brainstorming here but I know there is a solution to illegal immigration, and it has nothing to do with walls.

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