Friday, October 26, 2007

South Park

Wow, I haven't seen much tv lately, I try to do my laundry at times when I can catch a rerun of TDS and Colbert. Last night I happened to be at a friends when South Park came on. Now I had been working on my amazing and blasphemous Halloween costume, so there I sat with my beard and wig on, my crown of thorns and a halo, lookin' like one sexy jesus in business cloths. When a rerun of the latest South Park came on and my friends started laughing, they said I'd like this episode, they were right. The plot is odd, it is south park, the kids ended up in Imagination Land where everything anyone imagines ends up, and its divided between good thoughts and evil thoughts, unfortunately terrorists got in too and blew a hole in the wall. I told you it's odd, and none of that really matters. Although the side plot of Kyle by court order having to suck Cartmans balls is pretty hilarious. Whats really great though is when they go to meet the council (or whatever they call it) that is the leaders of imagination land the lion from narnia is there, morphius from the matrix, and... Jesus. I laughed so hard. It's a great episode, actually several episodes, and I highly recommend them. Then to show how stupid americans are, I find this. Yahoo Answeres: Why did South Park have Jesus in imagination land? hahahahaha I think my reply was more curtious than it needed to be, but I can be civil when I want. Oh and my Halloween costume kicks ass, this is going to be so much fun, and probably the most blasphemy I've ever packed into a single night, at least till tomorrow.

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