Thursday, November 01, 2007

Damnit Dennis

You know I really like Dennis Kucinich, He's exactly on target with just about every issue no chance of winning but hey I like rooting for the underdog. But then he has to drop the line about UFO's I'm sure you've all heard about it, Jon Steward obviously had to make fun of it last night and I'm mad for two simple reasons, but not at Jon ya gotta pick on both sides. One, people will laugh at him for saying he saw a UFO once, yet all the fundies who say they hear voices in their head love the idea of some magic sky daddy giving advice to the candidate. Which one is crazy?

The other reason is simple, it could have been avoided. You can say that you saw a UFO, then say that doesn't mean I think it was an alien invasion it just means that I saw something flying in the night sky that I could not Identify, thats all UFO means, Unidentified Flying Object.

Now back to the first point, I don't believe aliens from another planet have ever visited ours. I'm not saying its impossible, just highly improbable and lacking in supporting evidence. I like to think that we aren't alone in this mindbogglingly huge universe but I have no reason to think its true, I'd just like there to be other life, the notion of an afterlife is pretty neat too, but there's probably an even larger lack of evidence for that. Which is why its so fucked up, even if Kucinich had said he gets alien messages beamed to a transmitter buried in his left molar telling him what to do, how would he be any crazier than our moron president who said on many occasions that god has given him specific directions. BTW: god give really bad advice, maybe its that other god in christianity thats giving him advice. For any religious person who didn't get that other god reference there are up to four gods in christianity, possibly five now that I think about it. You've got the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost (who ever that is) then of course you have satan, who's supposedly just a fallen angel yet has the power to wage an endless war against god, meaning he must be an equal. So thats four, or two if you do catholic math (3x1=1) but then there is Mary who shouldn't be a god but those catholics love praying to her and so she must have some superpowers, so maybe shes a god. I'd probably consider modern Christianity to have three gods, the big sky daddy, J.C. and Satan. I say modern because Satan is a relative newcomer to the party. Why did I get on the subject of the myth of christianity being monotheistic? Doesn't matter, the point is that one person is crazy for believing in something without evidence, while so many others are considered virtuous for believing something even more ridiculous thats also completely lacking in evidence. This of course was probably best summed up as Russells Teapot, which also happens to be a funny comic that has the Teapot quote at the top so thats the link I'll use.

And because I've been talking about Kucinich, here's another picture of Elizabeth just cause I can.


Byshop said...

Yeah, damn shame about Kucinich. I really like him. I thought Dodd and Biden did well in the debate they are talking about critical issues that the front runners stear clear of or do not recognize.

I think god should be re-named unidentified voice in my head; UVIMH, all praise be to UVIMH.

I do personally believe we have been visited, though the evidence is circumstantial (pyramids, man those things blow my mind, advanced math in relatively primative cultures, and the explosion of technology post Roswell are all things I have pondered, in a heavily altered state mind you...) but I conceed it is just as probable I am a idealistic fool.

Anywho, yep it's unfair a real person running for office gets marginalized that way, cause I think he would make a fantastic president.

I will look into that homeschool article when I have time, that thing is huge.


Kilgore Trout said...

Well in reality he was marginalized a long time ago by trying to be an honest politician who votes the way he thinks is best for the country. Thats no way to get elected in this country.