Friday, November 02, 2007

Rock For Darfur

I know there have been lots of benefit concerts, and recently the rage is to try to have a bunch of concerts, possibly at the same time, all for one cause. Sounds great on paper, sometimes it even works. This one, Rock For Darfur, I like for a very selfish reason, NOFX. If I was forced to listen to one band for the rest of my life, it would be these guys. Ok now total respect for everyone try to do something to help the people in Darfur, which I always try to say and spell Durfar, but I have another reason to give props to NOFX. They are, at least according to the website, the ONLY show in Africa. Now I realize that people in Africa already know about Darfur, so they aren't exactly the target audience. But If you're doing a huge international fund raiser for Africa I would think you'd have more than a single major band playing on the continent your trying to help. But thats just me.

Anyway I hope this concert goes well, more importantly I help this helps to saves some lives in Darfur. And thank you to Fat Mike, El Hefe, Eric Melvin, and Eric Sandin for showing people what it really means to be punk while saving some lives. And thanks to all the other bands and those who donate their time and money.

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