Monday, December 17, 2007

Lack of Democracy

Why do we call ourselves a Democratic country? Is voting every couple of years really all it takes be a democratic society? I personally do not believe you can be democratic and have such perverse economic inequality at the same time, and with numbers like these I think perverse is putting it mildly.

So not to be accused of simply bitching, what would I do to correct these problems? Thanks for asking.

Numba One.
Abolish Corporate Personhood. Nike is not a person, Wal-Mart is not a person, ExxonMobil is not a person this should be clear to any 10 year old but the courts have seen things differently. As long as corporations hold inalienable rights but are not able to be imprisoned for doing harm we cannot be a Democracy. So step one is Corporations go back to being subservient to the will of the people.

Step Two.
Public Campaign Finance. Maybe this should be step one. If we do this first then we're way more likely to accomplish Numba One. Get corporate money out of politics, thats it. Stop allowing anyone to buy politicians.

Step Three...
Well I don't really have a step three yet. I'm sure I need one because I like prime numbers but honestly I think it'll be a huge enough battle to get through the first two steps that I'm not that concerned with what we'll need to fight for after that. If anything we might need a few more baby steps before public campaigns would fly.


Justin [blog4brains] said...

I have a number 3, bring accountability back to the government. Stoning, hanging, burning at the cross ... hell, I don't care. Just give out some god-damn consequences to these political hack bastards!

Justin [blog4brains] said...

Oh, and a number 4. Take the Constitution out of Cheney's trash can and reinstate it back into our government.

Kilgore Trout said...

I guess I just sort of assumed that those would happen along the way, you're probably right that we need to force those to happen.